No XP Requirements

No bitrates, stream keys, or codecs. Simply log in with your streaming platform, drag your sources and hit “Go Live”. Infiniscene’s streamlined interface will make customizing your scenes a snap. We don’t just claim to be easier, one look around and you will agree.

No experience needed
Less power required

Less Power Needed

Our engines take on the majority of the compositing and encoding so your computer doesn’t have to. It’s free to focus on playing your games. We regularly see CPU usage decreased up to 50% vs local software in our benchmark tests.

Remote Control

Our broadcast studio is in the cloud. Once you are all setup, go ahead and close that browser window. Start / stop your broadcast, switch scenes, and get support all from your tablet or phone.

No need to alt-tab out or switch screens. Use your phone as the control panel and stay in the game.

Infiniscene uses even less resources once you close your desktop browser and control it all from your device. Just keep our little app in the system tray running.

Control your stream from your phone
Cloud backups

Don't lose another project

No more losing scenes and projects when your software crashes. Infiniscene has it all saved and backed up in our cloud. Access your projects from any browser enabled device.


Connect directly to your broadcast destination accounts. Soon we’ll have direct integrations with your favorite streaming tools like TwitchAlerts, GameWisp, and more. Native support for HTML elements and control within the broadcast environment means plug-in free and easy to modify.

Powerful Integrations

Coming soon!


Send an invite to your friends. Now you can add their camera and game capture directly to your project as if you were in the same room. Edit, design, and produce projects and scenes together from anywhere. Do something no other broadcasting software can. Stream together. Remotely.